Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Rain

Almost two years ago I moved to California; didn’t think that time was going to pass this quickly, but it did. Now, I am faced with a little more than two months to go before I finish my clinical rotations in fellowship.

Over two years ago, I faced one of the most important decisions I had to make for myself – choosing a fellowship program. I remember the feelings - nerve racking, uncertain, and nervous; so many programs to rank and so little information I had despite my best efforts to learn about each program as thoroughly as I could. At the end, I made a decision, mainly based on the program’s location and how close to home it was; factors such as how easy it would be for me to visit my friends and family members and vice versa played a key role. It’s worked out well – my mom visited California for the first time; my sisters have made it out at least once to visit. The city has been nice, people friendly, and I don’t have much to complain about after living here for almost two years.

Now, I am approaching yet another important decision, how to approach my future beyond fellowship training.

I had a day off yesterday. I went running, along highway 101 to do my long run to train for the marathon I signed up to run in a couple of months. It was hard; a lot more up and down than I anticipated, and along with the length of 16 miles of asphalt, the run was not as smooth or pleasant as I imagined; somewhat my fault - should have put in more time to do the short runs in the past couple of weeks. But I did finish, despite pain and fatigue and all that.

I gained back a bit of myself in the past couple of days. Besides the running and the resting that happened afterwards, I spoke to a few friends, to catch up, share, complain, and talk. Tonight, I’m working the night shift. Tomorrow I present journal club. The next couple of weeks I need to revise and resubmit a manuscript. But today, I watch rain, in a coffee shop, feeling my next move, instead of thinking it.   

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